Work related stress does not necessarily start at work!

Posted by: Maxine | Posted on: December 3rd, 2015 | 0 Comments

There is much written about work related stress and the impact it has on an organisation. What is often forgotten is that personal problems may be affecting performance at work. An employer may feel that workers’ personal issues are nothing to do with them, and to a degree this is correct, but if the problem negatively impacts the business then an employer is involved.signpost 1

Prevention is better than cure. A common sense approach to health and well-being in the workplace can provide a worker with the tools to be better able to cope with the issues life throws at them, both at home and work.

The Workwell Partnership runs short stress management sessions to help employees recognise and cope with stress in themselves and, just as importantly, in their colleagues.

Healthier and happier people are more productive and an organisation sees the benefit in the bottom line.

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