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What our clients say about The WorkWell Partnership

Maxine has been coming to our office for over a year now and her visits are always the highlight of our week. She is incredibly friendly and knows exactly how to make us all feel relaxed and comfortable. Her massages really help all our staff to feel refreshed and revitalised, helping them to reduce any tension, fix any postural problems and focus on their work.
(My Social Agency)


“I have seen the results of Maxine’s work on a number of occasions and have been very impressed each time. She has come into our business to give massages to our team and everyone felt very relaxed but productive afterwards. She has also provided massages to some of our contacts and clients at a corporate hospitality event and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The business benefits to what Maxine can do are very obvious to me and as such I’d recommend Maxine’s work to anyone. As an added bonus she is a lovely and friendly person to deal with.”
(Natalie Saunders, Pharos Legal)


“Maxine has been coming into our offices for a number of years now – we wouldn’t be without her!
Not only does she give simply fantastic stress-beating massages (they really are amazing…), but she also gives our staff a welcome break from the routine, a sounding board in times of stress and fantastic advice on all aspects of their health and well being. Staff return to their desks feeling relaxed, unburdened and unknotted – for us, that’s fantastic value for money.
Maxine is also punctual, professional and brilliantly discreet which are crucial traits when working with all members of the team!”
(Thompson Brand Partners, Leeds)


The presentation (Small Changes) was excellent, very easy to understand and kept our interest. We liked the way that it was practical and interactive rather than just being you talking at us.  As much as we know that e learning is an important tool for a lot of departments today, it made us appreciate that the chance to chat amongst the rest of the group on the day was also an important part of understanding how to help deal with the stresses and strains of work and life in general.   
(DL. Well-Being Lead)


I asked Maxine to come and carry out some chair massages in our office.  They were very well received by everyone and I can personally say that it was the best chair massage I have ever received.
Sanderson, Corecom Consulting, Leeds)


“Using The WorkWell Partnership is extremely beneficial for our company. The service is run very professionally and causes minimum disruption to our working day. By using The WorkWell Partnership, not only do we get more relaxed employees – which creates a better working atmosphere – but our teams also become more productive. Therefore using this service actually helps our company make money – it definitely pays to invest in Maxine and her team.”
(Managing Director, TPP, Horsforth,Leeds)


In line with Kemira’s value “We care for people and the environment”, we asked The Work Well Partnership to deliver a well-being session at one of our site training days. The purpose was to raise awareness of how lifestyle changes can improve overall well-being but not to deliver the session in a lecturing way. The sessions involved an overview of managing stress, importance of posture and breathing, which our staff found particularly beneficial as many realised the benefits just small changes could make to their overall health. Evaluations following the training were very positive, the sessions were engaging and participative and I would certainly recommend The Work Well Partnership to other organisations looking to implement well-being initiatives at work.
(E.Wharton, HR Manager, Kemira, Bradford)


During our congresses Maxine was part of the team on the exhibition stand and gave our customers head and neck massages. As a feature on the stand the massages were extremely popular and the customers  were so grateful they gave us as long as we needed afterwards to talk  to them about our products! Maxine was excellent with the customers, making them feel at ease and she gave them a wonderful massage. They completely appreciated the whole experience. Maxine has become a very valuable part of my exhibition team!
(Kate Markham, Terumo UK Ltd)