Christmas arrives and so does a cold.

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Shopping, school concerts, parties etc., plus eating and drinking more than usual whilst trying to get on top of work before the holiday break makes us stressed, compromises our immune system and makes it harder to fight off germs and viruses.Sick worker

When rushing around adrenalin keeps us going, but when we relax we fall foul of these germs and become ill. However we can fight back by boosting the body’s immune system to help ward off illness or at least fight it more effectively.

Eat at regular intervals – including fruit and vegetables.

Get as much rest as possible – offset party nights with early nights.

Keep Hydrated – find time for water / softies during and after parties.

Prioritise – decide what must be done, what would be good to be done and what can wait and stick to it. Planning in this way can help improve productivity significantly.

Ask for help – if time is running out whether at work or at home. Appearing to have everything under control when it is not will increase stress and can encourage others to send their extra work in your direction!

Take short breaks – clear the mind and relax the body. Focus on some deep breathing or better still get out of the office for a little fresh air.

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