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S.M.A.R.T. –  Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques

Sessions introduce relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help reduce stress, enhance well-being and a positive mindset.

  • Why we get stressed and how it affects usmindfulness
  • Coping strategies
  •  How the way we think effects how we feel
  •  The use of positive thinking
  •  Our  personal ‘brand’
  •  Techniques to ease stress, promote relaxation and well-being
  • Relaxation and mindfullness
  • How using these techniques will positively impact health, happiness and confidence.

“I really enjoyed the course.  The 2 minutes mindfulness teeth brushing exercise was a really good way of just keeping your mind on what you are doing. Too many of us have our minds on other things and this really helped me to focus twice a day on just being in the present, really paying attention to the task at hand. I am now trying to use this technique when doing other things like preparing vegetables, walking into work and really looking at the things around me. It’s not easy but practice makes perfect”. (Dawn)