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Seated Accupressure (Chair) Massage

chair with maxAmazing!  Awesome!  Wonderful!
 – just a sample of the comments we get from people after they have had their massage.

A quick, effective, non-disruptive and affordable  massage designed for the workplace.

Carried out on a specially designed chair, the massage focuses particularly on the areas of the body where tension builds up – back, arms neck and shoulders. No oils are used and the client remains fully clothed.

  • eases muscular aches
  • reduces tension
  • soothe headaches
  • highlights postural problems
  • leaves the recipient relaxed yet revitalised

Feeling is believing – to fully appreciate the benefits of Workplace Massage contact us today.

Massaged clients often ‘offload’ their worries and concerns to the therapist which can  be as therapeutic as the massage itself. Resulting  improvements in well-being can also have a positive effect on other members of staff, even those who were not massaged themselves.